This project deals with one of the global issues of my generation in my country, from a personal perspective. More and more young adults moving abroad from Hungary, hoping for a better future. I am telling a story which focused on the feeling of a new life abroad, of the parallel realities in our lives, of the solitude, and of the new sight, what these experiences could give on my own life.

In the autumn of 2014 I switched my flat and my life with a Belgian boy, thanks to some accidental circumstances, and I have moved to Antwerp. The five months I spent there has changed my life I found myself in the company of people who accepted me very fast.I could hardly admit that I did not feel homesick at all.The feeling of being at home made no difference in Belgium or Hungary.I transcended my comfort zone and felt happy, free and independent which was combined with solitude – which is not necessarily a negative thing. After five months I had to leave this life behind and return to Hungary.

I tried to process this subsequent split in my mind through working on a series which became a collection of photographs of exchangeable,temporary and uncertain places and moments documenting my life in Belgium and Budapest.The aim of the process was to create distance with my own past which then enabled me to find my real way home.For now I perceive these pictures as scenes of a movie that were although part of my life but have already got far from me. Although, these scenes launched a new story – the story of moving to new places, learning what it really takes to do that.

By Kalatin Szaraz

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