Knot Spell for Empowerment

Knots. They’re all around us and we tie them everyday, but could there be more to them than meets the eye? The art of tying knots in cords, string, rope and ribbon for spiritual purposes – known formally as knot lore – has been practised for thousands of years and references to it are found in the art and literature of most cultures and religions from ancient Mesopotamia onwards. Roman and Celtic Pagan couples, for example, would tie a knot while making vows to each other and to their gods during their wedding ceremony, hence the expression “tying the knot”, which we still say today.

Cord magic is highly versatile and can be used for numerous purposes including for love, luck, health and money. The idea is that you tie into each knot the energy of your intention. Whether or not you believe this is literally the case, it acts as a great focal point to meditate on what you want to change in your life and how you could bring this about.

The following spell is for self-empowerment. There are many times in life when we doubt our abilities to achieve – such as before exams, dates or job interviews. This spell enhances confidence, thwarts anxiety and helps bring out the best in you. In this spell, the purple cord symbolises power, the yellow cord symbolises strength and courage, and the white cord symbolises you. As you tie the three cords together you are attaching these attributes to yourself.

You will need: One purple candle, one 9-inch white cord, one 9-inch purple cord and one 9-inch yellow cord. Optional tools: The “Strength” tarot card and the “The Sun” tarot card.

Instructions: Place the purple candle in the middle of the table and light it. Place the tarot cards either side of the candle if you are using them and lay out the three lengths of cord in front of the candle, parallel to each other.

Tie nine knots in the three threads as you say the following incantation. As you tie each knot, focus on your intent.

By knot of one, the spell’s begun
By knot of two, it cometh true
By knot of three, so mote it be
By knot of four, this power I store
By knot of five, the spell’s alive
By knot of six, this strength I fix
By knot of seven, the stars of heaven
By knot of eight, it will be fate
By knot of nine, what’s done is mine

To complete the spell, place the cords, which are now bound together as one, around the candle and leave it there until it burns out (if you need to leave the house, you can extinguish it but relight it when you return). Wear the cord as a bracelet or keep it in your pocket to empower you whenever needed.

Article and images by James Preston.

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