Our concept is based around connecting people and collaborating on projects. We welcome submissions from anyone!


The theme of our next print issue is PRIDE.
As with all of our issues, contributors can interpret this theme however they wish.
Submissions are now open and will close on 30th April
We’re looking for non-fiction, poetry, illustrations, photography, recipes or anything else you can put on a page.
Feel free to email us at to discuss your submission ideas with the features editor.


We accept web submissions on a rolling basis. We’re looking for non-fiction, poetry, illustrations, photography and anything else you can put on a web page. While we’re pretty unconcerned about search engine optimisation, it’s a good idea to think about how your submission will look & be read on the web.

We welcome web submissions based on the theme of current issue as well as all of our past issues. Each issue, we feature a selection of print submissions on the website.

Past themes:


Guidelines for submissions:

1. Contact us with your initial idea before submitting to discuss how your piece could fit in with the zine. We don’t want you to waste your time writing good articles and making things that might not fit our theme – we’d rather work with you!

2. Make something original that means something to you and reflects your personal interpretation of the theme. This could be a recipe, a playlist of songs you love, a tutorial for something you’re passionate about doing or an article on something you feel strongly about.

3. We want to focus on meaningful ways of experiencing the city (creating rather than consuming, original experiences, leaving a positive mark on the city and small-scale activism).

4. We want to be as inclusive and diverse as possible. Some points to consider are:
– Using gender-neutral language
– Making recipes and food reviews accessible to everyone (i.e. vegan, gluten-free option).

5. All of our submissions are edited to fit the tone and style of the magazine. Don’t worry too much about submitting polished pieces, we’re more interested in hearing your original and imaginative ideas.

6. We use the Guardian style guide for the sake of ease and consistency. You can access it here:

7. Have fun! The idea behind this project is to encourage creativity and bring people together. We’ll be holding drop-in sessions so you can come and meet us and other like-minded people to collaborate with on projects.

Get in touch with your submission ideas: